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Plant Photonics Spring Sale and Light Information

Its Spring which is the perfect time to start a grow, which also makes it the perfect time for a Spring sale!

As well as a quick look at the great prices on offer (the lowest we will ever have) I also discuss the differences between the Amethyst and stellar ranges and why we make both.
Due to the upcoming Zero Carbon Emission policies across Europe, growing (and everything else) is about to get a LOT more expensive as electricity prices sky-rocket, so its a good time to invest in a super economical Plant Photonics led grow light!

We accept payments by Paypal, bank transfer, credit/debit card and Apple Pay!
Happy growing and STAY HEALTHY AND SAFE!

Rebuilding the SMOK RPM40 RBA

In this video I show you how to rebuild the SMOL RPM40 RBA rebuildable coil. This is a full instruction video aimed at beginners which covers everything you need to know from the different types of wire materials, selection of wire thickness, explaining the connection between wire thickness and resistance, calculating how much of what wire you will need, coil winding, coil testing, types of wick material and assembly. This video also makes a great starting point for anyone wanting to rebuild their own coils for any type and brand of vape. There was a major problem when I made the first coil (not my fault as you will see!) but I left it in just because it showed the how useful it is to understand the basics so you can work out whats gone wrong!

The really useful (and cheap) scissors I use to trim the wick are called “Thrum scissors” . They were originally designed for tailors to trim loose thread off of new clothes. You can buy them on Ebay, Amazon, and Aliexpress really cheap, but if you want them in a hurry you can often find them for sale locally in grow shops as many growers use them for trimming/cleaning up buds from their plants!

Please check out my other videos, I have a lot of videos on the theory and practice of using Leds for growing, I have almost 14 years of experimenting with led grow lights and I also have a company which makes some of the best led grow lights available. I also have videos on making your own top quality led grow lights.

How to Make Your Own High Quality Led Grow Light – Part 5

Improving the DIY Led Grow Light

In this video I use a 3D printer to improve the general appearance of the light, add a standard power cable connector and daisy chaining capability and just generally improve the usability of the light.