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The Complete Guide to Led Grow Lights & MM Products Reviews

3 Classic Pipe Designs Reviewed – Proto Pipe, Budbomb, Spoon

As I quit smoking tobacco recently, I have been looking at ways of enjoying my favourite herbal products without mixing it with baccy. In this video I review 3 classic pipe designs and the features that make them special. I have also found top quality versions at a bargain price!

The pipes I have chosen are:

  1. Budbomb aka Sneak-a-toke. A very discreet and compact pipe which still manages to provide a big blast of cool smoke.
  2. Proto Pipe A 60´s classic design which is arguably the best metal pipe ever.
  3. Spoon Pipe A compact glass pipe providing smooth, cool and tasty hits with lots of style.

Ald Amaze Wow Review – A Top Budget Dry Herb Vaporizer

Since I recently quit smoking tobacco I have been looking for a way to enjoy my medical marijuana. Pipes and bongs are fine but I wanted a way to avoid inhaling any smoke, so I started to look into dry herb vaporizers. I was pretty shocked at the prices of the big brand vaporizers so I have been researching budget options.  This one is the first one I have bought to test.

I will be looking at features and performance and seeing if you can get a premium vaping experience at a budget price!

I will be testing and reviewing more vaporizers and also some classic pipes so keep an eye on the channel or better yet subscribe.

The Brilliant Design of Plant Photonics Led Grow Lights

There is a lot more to making the best possible led grow light than just using quality components. This video details how good design has allowed us to make the coolest running, quietest and most reliable led grow light on the market.

I talk about our switch to producing out lights with 3D printing and its advantages.

Because we don’t believe in making disposable products we also designed our lights with repair in mind. And because we know that loosing your light for weeks due to a fault would be a catastrophe, our lights are designed so that owners can repair them in 90 seconds with only a screwdriver!

If a power supply or fan fails a replacement will be dispatched straight away. We will always support all models no matter how old, and if your light is out of warranty replacement parts are supplied AT COST PRICE!

This video is useful to anyone considering buying one of our grow lights but will also benefit anyone considering making their own DIY light.