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Stellar Energy FS 50 130W Led Grow Light

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This top quality grow light is powered by ultra efficient horticultural leds with a spectrum which is 95% identical to sunlight for outstanding results.



The new Stellar Energy series provides growers with a superior alternative to COB lights, with higher output per watt, longer life and greater reliability. It uses leds which have a spectrum which is 95% identical to sunlight. This results in happy, healthy plants and completely avoids any problems with nutrient uptake or mineral deficiencies. The bright white light makes it easy to immediately spot any problems with the plants such as insects and mold which may be hard to see with red/blue led lights. An added benefit is the light is pleasant to the eyes, giving the indoor grower a enjoyable gardening experience.


These lights are now powered by high quality Mean Well power supplies. These are ultra-reliable power supplies which meet military standards and have a Mean Time Before Failure of over 740,000 hours which is about 85 years of continuous 24 hour a day operation!


  • Perfect for 30 x 30 cm or 40 x 40 cm
  • OK for 50 x 50cm


  • Equal to approximately 130 watts of HPS
  • Actual Led Power draw 50 watts.
  • Full Spectrum 4000K CR I95 warm white leds.
  • 2 x 35 watt Mean Well constant current, waterproof power supplies with surge protection.
  • Universal 90 – 264 VAC power input.
  • 1 x 12 cm Arctic Cooling F12 fan.
  • Led power 50 watts. Total power consumption 55 watts.
  • Size of each panel – 24 cm x 24 cm x 9 cm
  • 2 mains connections for daisy chaining (recommended maximum 420 watts per mains plug.)
  • Power supply status indicator leds (1 per power supply).

*IMPORTANT* Please read the user manual for this light.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Frame Colour

Green, Piano Black, Transparent

Please note, for shipping outside the EU there is a maximum weight of 12Kg per package. If your total order is more than 12Kg, please break it into 2 or more orders of less than 12Kg each. For example, if you wish to purchase 1 x Amethyst DS 300 and an Amethyst DS 100 please make an order for the DS 300 and a separate order for the DS 100.

3 reviews for Stellar Energy FS 50 130W Led Grow Light

  1. Michelle P.

    Hi, I received the light in good time and in secure packaging. On opening the package, I thought wow, instantly can tell the quality of this light. The light was very well put together, there are two drivers on this light, a thick aluminium heat sink with copper sandwich between it to help cool the leds, which is unheard of in most expensive led lights. After running and testing the lights for several hours, just to get rid of the newness smell, they were still very very cool. This is a true 50w led light at the leds, not like some manufacturers that claim it ! The light gives a lovely neutral day light.
    I am going to be putting a plant underneath it next week.
    If you watch Richards videos, he will explain everything and your eyes will be opened, he knows his stuff !
    Overall a great light, with quality components, I will be back for more.
    Thank you very much.

  2. carlo.thebigone

    7 stars for the consumer care
    5 stars for the product quality
    We live in northern Italy, in an narrow valley, no direct sun light for 2 months. Having 100 different orchids growing inside our home is a difficult task.
    In 2017 we used pink light in the living room and kitchen, but it was terrible for us and the plant’s survived but no blooming (and the neighbour were very curios).
    I’m very, very happy about the help that Richard gave me to decide the correct lights for my use.
    2018-2019 was very difficult: for the mild winter, the orchids started growing and blooming at the sunny day’s in march, then the cold and dark came back.
    Last year I bought one Stellar 49 and 4 Stellar 16, and this year I bought other two Stellar 49 and 4 Stellar Energy FS 50 and put them immediately in use in the raining may 2018. Other orchids farmers (with many years experience) had dying plant’s, our where blooming.
    The Stellar Energy FS 50 is better engineered and made more light than the older Stellar 16 of the same size.
    I will be back for more.
    A very happy user

  3. Carlo Riccardo Maffei

    7 stars for the consumer care
    5 stars for the product quality
    The Stellar Energy FS 50 is better engineered and made more light than the older Stellar 16 of the same size.

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