Stellar 49 Full Spectrum 250W Led Grow Light

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* Equal to approximately 250 watts of HPS
* Actual Led Power = 110 Watts
* Mains Draw = 120 watts

This top quality full spectrum led grow light is powered by 49 of the latest and brightest Osram Oslon SSL80 white 3500K leds, this light easily exceeds the PAR output of a 250 watt MH or HPS light while only drawing 120 watts from the mains.

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Plant Photonics introduces the Stellar range of full spectrum led grow lights which gives growers a premium quality alternative to COB´s. To create it we took our standard led panels and combined them with the best white leds for horticulture, Osram Oslon SSL 80 GW CS8PM1.CM 3500K 90CRI leds. The result is a light which is brighter, more efficient, cooler running and longer lasting than an equivalent COB light.

These are a new generation of leds with extreme efficiency and an ideal spectrum for growing. Unlike most white leds which have a peak red output at 600nm, these peak at 630nm (which is the same as the standard red leds used in grow lights) and still put out 80% of peak at 660nm (the same as hyper red leds). They also have a much higher output at 440nm (deep blue) than most other 3500K leds for a more balanced growing spectrum. This means that the plants can use the light from the leds far more efficiently, giving better growth with less power consumption.

As the leds are spread over a large area instead of being concentrated in a small space like COB leds, they operate at a much lower temperature (up to 50C lower) giving better efficiency, reliability and longer life. To increase efficiency and lifespan even further we run them at only 54% of their maximum rated current. As these lights generate a bit more heat than our Amethyst panels, they are equipped with top quality Arctic Cooling 12cm fans which have high air flow.


  • Perfect for cm 60 x 60 cm
  • OK for 70 x 70 cm


  • Single Mode full spectrum
  • 49 x Osram Oslon 80 degree GW CS8PM1.CM 3500K 90CRI leds (Brightest bin available).
  • 1 x Arctic Cooling F12 fan
  • 2 x 65 watt power supplies with lightening protection 90VAC – 264VAC input.
  • Power supply status indicator leds (1 per power supply).
  • 2 mains connections for daisy chaining (recommended maximum 420 watts per mains plug.
  • Panel size 35 x 35 x 12 cm
  • Total Weight – 5 kilos

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Weight 5 kg

Please note, for shipping outside the EU there is a maximum weight of 14Kg per package. If your total order is more than 14Kg, please break it into 2 or more orders of less than 14Kg each. For example, if you wish to purchase 1 x Amethyst DS 152 and an Amethyst DS 51 please make an order for the DS 152 and a separate order for the DS 51.

3 reviews for Stellar 49 Full Spectrum 250W Led Grow Light

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    The Stellar 49 produces a very bright light, to strong for some orchids (I will use it in eco mode only).
    The product is very solid build and silent, but – for the living room- it I’s not a beauty. May I suggest to make it more “smart home ready”: the switch for the eco mode isn’t easy to reach and use.
    Not everyone is capable to use a solder (I wasn’t able to find the same connectors to put a wifi switch before the Led driver)

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    One year of happy every day use.
    We live in northern Italy, in an narrow valley, no direct sun light for 2 months. Having 100 different orchids growing inside our home is a difficult task. 2018-2019 was very difficult: for the mild winter, the orchids started growing and blooming at the sunny day’s in march, then the cold and dark came back.
    A Lot of orchids farmer must made a choice: “Cutting the bloom or risking the death of the plant ?”
    We have only one orchid plant per type, so we decided to help the blooming: we use the Stellar 49 and Stellar 16 for more hours and – the stellar 49 at full power for some hours .
    We had beautiful flowers and healthy plant’s .
    So this year I bought other two Stellar 49 and 4 Stellar Energy FS 50 and put them immediately in use in the raining may 2018.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Carlo Riccardo Maffei

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