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Amethyst DS 152 (Dual Spectrum) 800W Led Grow Light

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*Equal to approximately 800 watts of HPS
*Actual Led Power draw 280 watts.

This top quality led grow light is powered by 152 super efficient German made Osram Oslon SSL80 Horticultural leds, this light easily exceeds the PAR output of a 800 watt MH or HPS light while only drawing 310 watts.

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Our unique design ensures the leds operate up to 50C cooler than in any other light. This low temperature results in the leds operating more efficiently , allowing our lights to put out more PAR light for every watt than any other light on the market, even lights using the same leds! The low operating temperature also greatly increases the useful life of the leds, ensuring a genuine 20+ year life.

Finally, our top rated led grow lights are the only ones in the world which can work indefinitely with a faulty fan with no risk of damage – other lights will fail within minutes and require an entire block of leds to be replaced.

Dual panel design allows the light to be set at different levels to ensure all your plants get the correct amount of light.


  • Perfect for 100 x 100cm
  • OK for 110 x 110cm


  • 3 Modes/2 Spectrums: (Dual Spectrum)

    1. Eco Vegging
    2. High Power Vegging
    3. High Power Flowering
  • 6 x 65 watt constant current, waterproof power supplies with surge and lightening
  • Universal 90 – 264 VAC power input.
  • 4 x 12cm Arctic Cooling F12 fans.
  • Led power 280 watts. Total power consumption approximately 310 watts.
  • Size of each panel – 33 cm x 56 cm x 12 cm
  • 2 mains connections for daisy chaining (recommended maximum 420 watts per mains plug.)
  • Power supply status indicator leds (1 per power supply).
  • Total Weight – 10 kilos

**IMPORTANT** Please download and read the user manual, and remember before changing the spectrum you MUST SWITCH THE LIGHT OFF!

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

Please note, for shipping outside the EU there is a maximum weight of 14Kg per package. If your total order is more than 14Kg, please break it into 2 or more orders of less than 14Kg each. For example, if you wish to purchase 1 x Amethyst DS 152 and an Amethyst DS 51 please make an order for the DS 152 and a separate order for the DS 51.


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