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Nutrients For Auto Flowering Plants

Here at Plant Photonics we love auto flowering plants and we know many of our customers do as well, but we know from experience they can be a bit tricky to grow. They require a lot less nutrients than photoperiodic plants so its easy to over fertilize them, however this means many people under feed them and wind up with nutrient deficiencies. With photoperiodic plants problems like this are easily fixed and you have plenty of time to spot and treat any problems, but the greatly accelerated growth rate of autos means that problems quickly become serious and you have little time to correct before serious, irreversible damage is done.

I decided to search for any products designed specifically to meet the requirements of autos to make the grow as simple and foolproof as possible. I checked the websites of 47 nutrient companies and was surprised to find only 4 products specifically for autos. Initially I was also surprised that 3 of them were Spanish but then I realized why that probably was, Spain has probably got the second richest marijuana culture in Europe after the Netherlands and Spain is also the home of the Sweet Seeds seed bank which has been at the forefront of developing top quality auto flowering varieties since the beginning. If you already like or want to try autoflowering plants you can’t go wrong with one of the many auto strains from sweet Seeds!

Below are the products I have found, all are by reputable manufacturers. If anyone knows of any other similar products I would be very grateful if you could send the information (send to ) as I would like to add a “Growing Autoflowering Plants” section on our website.

Please note – I am not affiliated in any way with any of these companies and I have received no money or favors for promoting them!

Maria Green – Autoflow

Product based on main nutrients, secondary nutrients, micro nutrients and amino acids. Its balanced composition stimulates the optimal growth of the plant in all its cultivation phases, allowing the short-cycle genetics to take full advantage of each stage of their development so they become much more productive.


  1. Total Nitrogen (N) 5,0 % p/p
  2. Nitric Nitrogen (N) 1,3 % p/p
  3. Ammonic Nitrogen (N) 0,5 % p/p
  4. Urea Nitrogen (N) 2,5 % p/p
  5. Organic Nitrogen (N) 0,7 % p/p
  6. Water-soluble Phosphorus (P2O5)  5,0 % p/p
  7. Water-soluble Potassium (K2O) 6,0 % p/p
  8. Water-soluble Magnesium (MgO) 0,3 % p/p
  9. Water-soluble Iron (Fe)  0,03 % p/p
  10. Water-soluble Zinc (Zn) 0,02 % p/p
  11. Water-soluble Manganese (Mn)  0,025 % p/p
  12. Water-soluble Boron (B) 0,0175 % p/p
  13. Water-soluble Copper (Cu) 0,003 % p/p
  14. Water-soluble Molybdenum (Mo)  0,002 % p/p
  15. Free Amin Acids 2,0 % p/p


BioNova – Auto-Flowering Supermix.  Food grade minerals – Concentration 1:400 – NPK 5-3-7

Autoflower Supermix has a unique blend of macro elements, Mg, Si and chelated micro elements. This formula has been created to give more power to your autoflowering plants, which means a bushier and more stretching potency for autoflower genetics. Which effects do the ingredients inside Autoflower Supermix provide?
– Stimulating plant’s own hormone production and immune system. promoting a lower disease rate
– Strengthening the root system
– Preserving and stimulating beneficial microorganisms
– Sustainable: usable in re-circulation systems

Top Crop – Top Auto

A liquid fertilizer high in NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) specially formulated for auto-flowering plants. This means Top Auto covers all your plants’ needs, from growth through flowering. With Top Auto, you have everything you need in one product! Your plants won’t find a better ally for explosive growth and exuberant flowering.
The best thing about this Top Crop fertilizer is the end results. With Top Auto, you get large, dense buds. This product is absorbed quickly, meaning it can also be used for home gardening.


  1. Humic acids 4.0%
  2. Fulvic acids 3.07%
  3. Nitrogen: 3.5%
  4. Phosphorus, P2O5 5.3%
  5. Manganese Mn: 0.03% EDTA Chelated Microelements
  6. Boron, B ≥ 0.08%
  7. Copper Cu, ≥ 0.009%
  8. Iron, Fe ≥ 0.11%
  9. Zinc Zn ≥ 0.024%
  10. pH 6.2

Boom Nutrients – Auto Boom

Auto Boom by Boom Nutrients is an organic-mineral products that’s specifically designed to be used with autoflowering plants in order to give them all of the nutrients needed to grow and flower successfully – your plants will be fed throughout each and every stage.

This product has a particularly designed formula that makes it the perfect product for autoflowering plants; it has a perfectly studied combination of macro-nutrients (NPK 3.5 – 5.3 – 5), micro-nutrients, humic and fulvic acids, all of which stimulate amazing root growth as well as a general increase in plant strength. You’re guaranteed to get amazingly developed flowers rich in aroma and flavor.


  1. Nitrogen: 3.5%
  2. Phosphorus pentoxide: 5.3%
  3. Potassium oxide: 5%
  4. Iron: 0.11%
  5. Copper: 0.0009%
  6. Manganese: 0.03%
  7. Boron: 0.08%
  8. Zinc: 0.024%
  9. Humic acids: 4%
  10. Fulvic Acids: 3%