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Feedback 9

Customer's Feedback & Comments - 9

-“Hello Richard, Yes I received it. Excellent packing. Huge box. I only had time to test 1 light, slightly removed the white tape and I couldn’t look at the LEDs So bright, I love the colour of the fans and power supply it looks like a real top end product. When I get chance to set it up I will send you a review. Quality light.” ~08-11-19~

-“I received the lights on Wednesday 5th June. Everything looks to be in order – no problems with damage to packaging or contents. I haven’t set up yet but I have tested – wow, look great and build quality is beautiful.” ~07-06-19~

-“Anyway, I’ve uploaded this video Indoor Bonsai Set Up – Stop Bonsai trees dying. showing the set up, but I will be doing another one in a few weeks telling everyone how good it is. My mind is blown at how quickly it has made every thing grow. the results are unreal! ”

-“Hi, I received the light in good time and in secure packaging. On opening the package, I thought wow, instantly can tell the quality of this light. The light was very well put together, there are two drivers on this light, a thick aluminium heat sink with copper sandwich between it to help cool the leds, which is unheard of in most expensive led lights. After running and testing the lights for several hours, just to get rid of the newness smell, they were still very very cool. This is a true 50w led light at the leds, not like some manufacturers that claim it ! The light gives a lovely neutral day light.
I am going to be putting a plant underneath it next week.
If you watch Richards videos, he will explain everything and your eyes will be opened, he knows his stuff !
Overall a great light, with quality components, I will be back for more.
Thank you very much.” ~24/05/19~

-“I still have and use frequently my old amethyst that i ordered at the beginning, these panels must have at least 7 years old and are still working great.” ~16-05-19~

-“Great light, really pleased! I have a 90 watt budmaster but got a bigger tent and needed more light. My friend suggested your lights so I bought the Amethyst energy 100 and its brill. Much quieter than the budmaster and seems a bit brighter as well. Good work!” ~05/03/19~

-“I just wanted to tell you how well your lights work! When they arrived I put them up right away and got rid of the crappy Amazon lights I had. A week later and the ladies have really reacted to the extra light and have started growing again and stopped stretching. They look really happy! Shouldn’t have wasted my money on the other lights, I guess if it seems to good to be true it probably is.” ~27/02/19~

-“Got the light today and am very happy. Quiet and bright. Thank you for your kind help in getting the light to Kazakstan!” ~15/02/19~

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