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Feedback 7

Customer's Feedback - 7

– “The new lights sound great! I just wanted to write back to you and let you know that the LED setup I bought from you has worked well these years without a hitch….” ~08-NOV-17~

– “Had a harvest recently and your 2 lights performed very well indeed against the various others I have in the same room. Compared to the super helios 6’s they maybe didn’t do quite as well, though very little in it but they are something like a quarter of the wattage, much cooler, quieter,and lighter, so easier to raise/lower and move around. They also cost a lot less. I found no difference between either of your lights with regard to veg or flower so both are really good.

Before the weather gets hot next year I will replace all the HID’s and some of the LED’s with an air-cooled light system but your LED’s will be part of what should be a really excellent set-up. If I buy any more LED’s they will be from you. Thanks” ~06~Nov~17

– “The panels are doing a top notch job, see attached pics. Black domina almost. 28 days into 12/12. And that’s just using one panel. Another 4 weeks maybe but they are certainly living up to there name. Regards” ~12-OCT-17~

– “Wow! Beautiful built quality, very quiet to run, I am very pleased – love it! Thanks Richard” ~11-OCT-17~

– “The lights arrived today, they are up and running, I daisy chained them off one socket and they are working well. Can’t believe how quiet the fans are and the entire light fitting remains quite cool, some LED’s I have are much warmer even at similar amps and of course much louder fans. I am impressed with the quality of the individual parts. A power pack I had on a Mars light burnt out after 2 weeks and when I look at the power pack on that compared to yours the difference is worlds away.” ~20-Sep-17~

– “May I just say again I’ve been really chuffed with my first ds152, and have found myself an amethyst convert.” ~13-SEP-17~

– “I like these stellar panels that much I’ve listed my diy cree cob build on eBay as it’s now redundant.”~22-AUG~17~

– “I really rate these stellar panels. Plants seem to respond better to the colour temp. Another plus is I’ve had no cal/mag deficiencies with white light whereas red/ blue usually lead to that deficiency. Overall the stellar panel is a winner.” ~21-AUG-17~

– “The light it self it performing very well for now especially regarding heat issues!! it handles well in a 75x75x160 tent (26/27 degrees) without any fresh air coming from outside just a small fan to circulate air/heat.” ~03-MAR-17~

– ” … your lamp amethyst look very good! My plants are very smell and tasty, today i cut them! The flower are very beautiful and full of resin. I want see what happened when i use your lamp for the full cicle!” ~13-FEB-17~

– “I have her hanging and plugged in now – looks great and very cool temperature – I look forward to ordering another in the future. A great product!” ~07-FEB-17~

– “I wanted to tell you that I am very happy for your lamp and that after only 9 days of use I noticed that the bloom is progressing really well, I had never seen so beautiful and compact flowers. Thanks” ~07-FEB-17~

– “Light arrived today in one piece….. Impressive light Richard I must say!!! Covers my homebox vista triangle + ( 120 x 75 huge toblerone) no problem. Another order coming very soon ?. Regards” ~25-JAN-17~

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