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Feedback 6

Customer's Feedback - 6

– “Hi Richard, the lamp is just arrived right now! OMG si very beautiful and bright, my plants will love it!! No damage on the box or on the lamp you do a great package work! Thank you for all, see you soon!” ~24-JAN-17~

– “I have well received my Amethyst DS 20. The light is in perfect condition and I must thank you for your professionalism in the handcraft of your product as well as for the concern you had for me as a client. I am really happy of my purchase and I wish you a successful continuation.” ~07-DEC-16~

-” ….. Like I said, quality under your lights is sublime. No doubt the finest my wife and I shared. Undoubtedly far superior to what is produced under any HPS. ~30-NOV-16~
*The light is great, really like the colour and its so quiet. My phytomax sounds like a jet engine, I’m thinking of selling it now i have something to compare it to.” ~30-NOV-16~

-“I bought a couple lights from you about 4-5 years ago and they are superb! Thanks! ……I was delighted to find you are still in business & the new versions of your lights look to be much better than the amazingly great lights I bought from you before (that are still working great!)” ~12-OCT-16~

– “….. The light was about 25/30 cm above the plants. No probleme, next time i resolved this small probleme.. and after FINISH SODIUM..!!! BUT I insist on the quality of flowering with your AMETHYST DS..And it is not to be brownnosers……if you look under the microscope, we can see the abundance and quality of trichomes .. better than HPS light… Very Thanks for all…. a bientôt.” ~07-OCT-16~

– “…. I had 2 smaller lights off you 6 months ago and they are brilliant. Amazing performance.” ~03-OCT-16~

– “Glad to report that the parcel was delivered today. I tried the light and it works fine. Beautiful and sturdy piece of equipment it is.” ~26-SEP-16~

– “I’ve been using one of your panels for a month now, a 140 watts, and the plants are doing extremely well. Big improvement on my old led light!!!” ~20-SEP-16~

– “I got the package yesterday. As expected, everything was perfect (delivery + the product itself) I am really impressed about the quality of the product and what i like the most is that all the pieces can be unscrew and replace ( prefect in case of too many scratches on the plexiglass or dead power supply…). Thanks a lot for everything and I hope the best for you and your company.” ~07-JUNE-16~

– “Hi Richard . You might remember me, I bought four DS90 units from you around March/April. I’d like to start by saying how good the lights are. I have three chained together, and one separately in a smaller tent. They’re so good I will be purchasing another DS90 from you later this week. I want to get through a full bloom-to-harvest cycle then I will be happy to do a review for your site. In the meantime I am running a grow diary on a growers forum and have let them know how good the lights are, and why – the Oslon 80s really are great.” ~27-MAY-16~

– “The lights arrived thank you. I fired one up out of curiosity but won’t be going any further until next week. It looks fantastic, very quiet. Really pleased on first impression. I will be ordering the same again in a few months if all goes to plan. I will maybe write a review for you for your site at some point. Thanks Richard.” ~26-MAY-16~

– “Hi Richard, I got the lights today and I love them! ~11-MAY-16~

*Just to let you know that the light arrived safe and sound with me yesterday. I am extremely pleased with it, and will certainly be recommending your work to others on line. Thank you very much.” ~09-MAY-16~

– “The lights arrived today and all power up fine. They look excellent, and the build is second to none. Obviously not tried them properly, but if they perform as well as they look they will excel. I expect I will have another couple in the near future. Thanks” ~05-MAY-16~

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