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Customer's Feedback - 5

– “just received this light, very impressed with the build quality. With a few words the first impression is: Slim, light weight ,elegant. But there is more. I can choose between 4 differed modes of lighting using the eco/high power + vegging/flowering switch’s. Having this light you never have to switch between differed light units, the same unit does it all very efficiently. The power consumed compared to the area coverage (80×80) and the light density could only be dreamed with a led light before this unit. I am very satisfied.” ~14-APRIL-16~

– “these leds are fantastic! and i do plant to get many more. Cost doesn’t matter to me when it comes to quality & these leds are just that. lovely. I’m not suprised you have many sales! And i wont mind waiting at all, its worth it.” ~23-MARCH-16~

– “Hi Richard, 23oz of good bud and plenty wee popcorn buds to make hash. Best gram to watts was roughly 1.4. My new personal best is now 2.3grams per watt! I’ll buy that other 140w light now.” ~17-NOV-15~

– “Thats it! she was harvested at the weekend…Think it might have beaten my previous best grams to watts ratio.” ~12-NOV-15~

-“Thank you again, it’s almost unbelievable how professional and concerned you are. ~20-OCT-15~

– “I just received the lamp! It works really well. No problem on delivery, very rapid and secure as you said. It was very easy to install in my mini grow tent 35x35x60, i won a lot of place. I join you a picture (i am doing a timelapse) of my install. Thank you very much!!! ~14-OCT-15~

– “Very happy with the lights, and still intend purchasing another 140.” ~20-SEP-15~

– “I have your lamp. This light is very good quality and it’s beautiful. I enjoy to have it. I will strongly recommend your lights on all polish growers forums. Good luck” ~17-AUGUST-15~

– “Just wanted to let you know that the lights have been delivered and are in good working order :). P.S the lights are beautiful! Love the quality feel of the build, while they still have a “custom” air about them. Sexy as fuck.” ~04-MAY-15~

– “Have bought 2 of these now. Excellent product and faultless customer service. Richard is a really nice bloke to deal with. You might be able to find cheaper leds but these are the best and quality costs. I won’t buy anywhere else.” ~22-March-15~

– “The 4 lights i got from you are still going strong, brilliantly made, i would only buy from you! The newer ones sound excellent!” ~12-MARCH-15~

– “I gotta say Richard these lights are cheap to run, since I got my first panel my direct debit to energy supplier has been reduced by £30 a month and on top of that I got £125 refund from them. which was handy cos it paid for the small light from you.” ~13-FEB-15~

– “I’m getting to the business end of things right now and am truly astonished at the resin production under your unit!! I’ve still a couple under the old light (a Prakasa unit by the way (140w)) and the difference between the two is night and day!” ~03-JAN-15~

– “The quality of these panels look fantastic, totally satisfied so far, exactly what i expected…” ~22-JAN-15~

– “Thought I’d let you know how delighted I am with things so far! Really, really happy with this unit – it’s really kicked things along very nicely (gone ballistic actually!) since swapping out with the old one.” ~05-JAN-15~

– “Just to let you know, package arrived safe & sound this am (didn’t realise these guys delivered Saturdays!). Had a quick look & check and they seem to be working fine…delighted with what I’ve seen so far, fabulous quality!” ~13-DEC-14~

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