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Feedback 4

Customer's Feedback - 4

– “I would like to let you know my satisfaction with the panels. In these four months, I have tried the eco and vegetative modes. plants from seed, clones, keeping mother plants. very happy. Now at this time four days flowering mode. 8 clones NFT SCROG 90X90 all the light very well used by plants. no excessive heat, no noise. … and waiting for good results.” ~05-NOV-14~

– “got this panel for my veg tent. these lights are the best ive used by far!! this is my second panel from plantphotonics. brilliant build quality and very bright and silent and very cheap to run. forget all the big name brands!! these light are the business.” ~20-OCT-14~

– “The light arrived Monday. Here’s a few pictures of my current grow vegging under the 140w. The plants love these lights a lot of growth in 14 days. I think if she keeps growing at this rate im going to have a monster plant . Looking forward to the end result! Thanks again for the top quality lights.” ~21-OCT-14~

– “Hi Richard, I had a quick look & couldn’t find anything on wikipedia but took a photo ofthe panels & you’re right, they are just as bright. The optical illusion is crazy 🙂 I’d like to let you know I’m very happy with the lights performance so far & I’ll be ordering some more in the future.” ~13-OCT-14~

– “Just to let you know, light arrived safely and is working. Very bright, beautiful bit of kit!!! I look forward to seeing the end results!” ~11-OCT-14~

– “Richard your lights are fantastic. the 140watt totally fills my 0.9m x 0.9m tent with useable light and the price of your lights compared to say budmaster its literally half the cost. im so impressed with your lights im going to be placing an order for a 90w panel, I would order another 140watt but I think that is abit overkill for a small grow space.” ~11-SEP-14~

– “I am very pleased with your products. I can’t resist, I would like to buy some more from you.” ~27-MAY-14~

– “The first light is doing a stunning job so I’m looking to get a second one …” ~21-MAY-14~

– “Light arrived today safe and sound, first impressions…… WOW the build quality is second to none!! if the performance matches the build quality im in for a good harvest. the light is already in the tent , I will leave it a few days to see how the ladies respond compared to my previous lighting set up. thanks Richard for the 1st class service and lighting.” ~10-SEP-14~

– “Well, I always satisfied about the 140 Watts, all leds/fans still working. We are in the hottest month of the year in southern hemisphere, I finally bought a superbox 0,54m²; 90 x 60 x 180 cm. Resulting with just a Noctua 120mm as air extract & clipse fan for air moving, it results high temperature is 28°C in the flowering box. This proves the panel is absolutely cool.” ~28-APRIL-14~

– “Well, I gonna talking about these two 23/32 Watts mini grow. Always pleased, man ! Same temperature and I can expect new growth for cloning every 14 days, just amazing. The DIY bow is now in vegging for mother plants, clones. To date, there are Somango male/female under these small panels & a selecting Euforia female.” ~28-APRIL-14~

– “Just to let you know that the 90 watt led arrived safely today, and thanks for the robust packaging. Having now set the light up and having had a good look over it I’ve got to say that I’m very impressed with the quality of workmanship, design and craft. This is why I was drawn to purchase from yourself. Small enterprises deserve support especially when backed up by know how and attention to detail. I like the design and way the heatsinks and fan draw heat away from the leds. The case is assembled very well and the whole light is sturdy.” ~16-APRIL-14~

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