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Feedback 3

Customer's Feedback - 3

“Given the continued rising cost of electricity, I’m really pleased that you have designed the light to enable low power and higher power options for varying levels of plant growth. It’s this attention to detail along with a very clear and easy to understand website that got my vote.” ~16-APRIL-14~

– “Its been a while since the last time we talked. I am sorry it took me this long to get back at you. I have been playing around with your lights and finally I got the hang of it. I found that the best temperature is somewhere around the 85°F with a humidity around 50% or less. In my last crop I got almost a pound (15 ounces). It is crazy that I don’t need to turn the a/c to grow. For my next crop, I know I will do better, since I know all the tricks now. Another thing I found is that you must feed using about 1/2 strength of the nutrients normally used, so you don’t burn them.” ~06-APRIL-14~

-“I am using the 140W light in addition to the 280W I got a few months ago. The plants are growing like nothing I have ever seen before. I really cannot understand the salesmen in hydro shops that say LED’s don’t work. Just one look at my grow room, and they would have a very different opinion.” ~04-APRIL-14~

– “Have switched to bloom at last, so got the chance to test out the green light. WWOOWW – its awesome. I needed to move my chiller to stop hot air getting to my header pot, but the lights had gone out for 12 hours. Not to worry, as my trusty green led was on hand, to provide a LOT of light. I had more than enough light to do the job I needed to. The whole room is lit up just like usual, apart form everything being green, of course. I also took the chance to check out the roots of my plants – again, the amount of detail I could see was just perfect. The Emerald is now an essential part of my grow room.” ~04-APRIL-14~

– “….I hope you are well and business is flourishing we haven’t spoke for a year when I bought my last lights , anyway I have been very pleased with the results , so I was considering another 140 light…” ~27-MARCH-14~

– “The package arrived last Friday without any damage. The light is really well designed and built. I like it a lot. Over weekend, I made a small cabinet for it and the seedlings are in there right now. Could not be happier with it.” ~25-MARCH-14~

– “…the lights are doing amazing and i had excellent results with them. I am writing because i want two more 140 watts square…” ~17-MARCH-14~

– “I have received my pack today and everything is great. Beautiful ! The quality of manufacture is really wonderful. Thank’s a lot Richard. I’ll comment the light later in my future post/jdc on cannaweed and fcf. And,of course,i’ll give you news. Best regards.”~26-FEB-14~

– “I just received the package the exterior was impeccable. After opening (also impeccable interior protection), I discovered with great pleasure a perfect finished product. Congratulations, your manufacturing quality and finishes are a quality worthy of a goldsmith! … And the quality of materials used amply exceed those of the concurrency. Brushed aluminum, stainless steel screws and plexi-glass 3mm protection, what more? Tests lights were also conclusive on the 3 modes, fans turn out well (very quiet) and all LEDs are functional. Thank you again to you, Richard, for this wonderful achievement.” ~18-FEB-14~

– “I have received both of my new lights, and I have to say they really are in a league of their own, they are brilliant and made to a very high standard. Many many thanks.” ~10-JAN-14~

– “Just opened the box and WOW. It went beyond my expectations mate! That LED is a piece of art! It is incredibly well crafted, you can definitely see that it has been put together with much care and love. The design is absolutely fantastic, wasn’t expecting it to be so beautiful, its like looking at a Bang & Olufsen TV, it emits total pure design. I absolutely love it to bits mate. Definitely the best Looking LED ive had so far! Its Even beat the Eshine for looks. Love the fact everything is on display and very very easy to get to. Excellent excellent excellent design.” ~14-NOv-13~

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