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Feedback 2

Customer's Feedback - 2

– “Really, really happy with this mystic PlantPhotonics, I tried High Vegging Mode with some new seeds and it did a fabulous job with plants, bushy, less watering, less fertilising, always no heat even with summer here.. To date, there are nine clones from various strains on their 2nd weeks of flowering, oh gosh, it’s incredible how they react to the light!” ~06-Nov-13~

– “Your lights are very effective very well built. For the new 140w I have to wait 1 month 🙂 Very good very good materials assembly. Thank you thank you for surprising results and better than traditionally 🙂 :). I looks forward to my new 90w. You made high quality LEDs.” ~07-Oct-2013~

– “I’ve just received your fantastic panel 30 minutes ago. Everything is ok the panel is full functionnal and I’m very happy of his power! Thank you for your professionalism.” ~02-Oct-13~

– “Wow wow wow Richard, just back at home with the panel ! Damn, this is a remarkable manufactory ; ) Hats off !!! I never seen an awesome work like this.. So, both leds and fans work perfectly and those fans are really really silent, this is very important. I didn’t notice heat after a few hours, amazing!” ~ 19-Sep-13 ~

– “The body reminds me of solid european industrial workmanship, not like chinese clip systems. Heat development is very low because the LED’ s are not stacked in one tiny spot. The two fans on the 140W light are very silent and well calculated. There should be no problems, under proper maintaining, for a long time.”

– “I love the precision of these panels. I see a lot of models but Yours are the best I’ve ever seen. I’d like to have one o these :)”

-“… your new ones sound interesting as the 70 w seems as bright as a prowgrow180 fom usa.”

– “Hope you are well, I had to write and tell you how pleased I am with the last 140 wt amethist now at five weeks, buds look like 7weeks or more very good, I can see the obvious improvements to the last model, Ive just got to have more! look out for my order shortly.”

– “have to say my plants look good under the new light at least twice the size of the ones under old light and have buds like hens eggs and thats a sativa (kilimanjaro) friutylicious an indica looks like a dangerous weapon ,keep up the good work I believe in you.”

– “If I may just add it has been an absolute pleasure doing business with Plantphotonics and of course youPlantphotonics. You are an absolute professional and the word “integrity” should be incorporated into the marketing of your business somehow! Word of mouth is a powerful tool and I will be passing on your business name to anybody who may be interested.”

– “Finally received the light have to say its a masterpiece!!! im working in the grow store and you want see LED lights we have here 🙂 they look like baby toys compare to yours! i have to say im well impressed with the quality. I will definitely keep in touch with you!!! Best wishes for 2013.”

-“To tell you, i just receive it and put in my box. This is really perfect!!!! A big thanks you for your work and your communication. I hope order soon as possible the 140 watt. Have nice week.”

– “The lamp is top quality!!! Nothing like other manufacturers!! 🙂 The light is well distributed and homogeneous!! Perfect!”

– “By the way, just wanted to thank you also for the quality… good packaging, and very nice work! I hope you’ll be successful in your business it always nice see to such a work, rather than Chinese shit! I’ll tell you in a couple of months if I see the difference with my old CFL (I can already observe the temperature difference!).”

– “I have received the light and it does look top drawer, the construction is exceptional compared to the factory units.”

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