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Customer's Feedback & Comments - 10

-Very happy with the lights, they have produced many great grows. Thank you ~17-02-21~

-Cheers Richard.was just wondering what it was, brilliant light. cant decide which of the two types are best as I run both types together and are amazing. cheers ~13-02-21~

-I just want to let you know that the panel I bought from you is working wonders for my plants and that I am a satisfied and happy customer. Many thanks for your help! ~23-01-21~

-I really liked the way you explained your knowledge about lighting and plants and the truth about the real wattage. I’m impressed about the results I got with all the kinds of plants that went under it 🙂 ~20-01-21~

“-The light is finally build into my grow room. Its a massive difference to my other, older light.”

-“Thank you very much for your work which is excellent!”

-“The panel looks fantastic. I will send you some pics of it installed later”

-“Cracking bit of kit” ~28-09-20~

-“I need to do a two part review. One now I’ve received my lights and one in let’s say about 3 months. 😉 I’ve been researching LED for a while and used a cheap panel in the past to good effect. So I was sure that I’d invest in a new light set up eventually. I had a question so contacted Plant Photonics and Richard was very knowledgeable and relied quickly. Brilliant. I’m now happy with my research, happy with the information about these lights and the output and the company talks even if you send them odd questions! I order 2 units and they’re shipped quickly. Communication is great since the order and even though a courier has caused an issue Richard has worked with me to get things sorted out immediately. I’m calling him Richard now not Plant Photonics. That’s the level of communication.

So they’re here for about two weeks. They’re everything I was hoping for but more. Of course the real proof will be later on BUT!!! I used to be always fighting the light and environment with my old lighting. It was hot and bright to be around. Now I have a nice environment to be in with no squinting or glasses. I’m using 50% less power than my old 600w system. Actually I’m saving more power and using less CO2. I’m not finding my environmental control only needs to do about 6 hours work instead of 24. This may change but it’s an unexpected improvement. I now have much better humidity control. I didn’t really have control before it was a fight. I have only 2 weeks of plant growth but I’m very happy with what I see so far. The plants are a lovely colour and although small very thick with leaves making me believe that the light penetration is excellent. Anyway there’s a review for now. More to come.”

-“Hello Richard, I’m really happy with the light. The new design is quality. I prefer plastic over metal. Very light. Extremely stealthy (quiet). Very bright. Looks amazing. I’m glad I upgraded. Thanks very much” ~11-11-19~

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