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Customer's Feedback - 8

– “After a few weeks, I can tell your new lights especially stellar are just amazing. The best light I ever had. Thanks a lot.” ~15/03/18~

-“today is the first day I switch on the light. Incredible – my small plants which are 7 days old turns into beautiful green within a short time. The “noise” is almost zero it should be no problem. The heat, a joke. I’m very pleased and f*****g dumpstruck.” ~20/02/18~

– “hello, the parcel came to me yesterday, everything works and thank you again. I will certainly buy one more panel thank you!” ~ 30/01/18~

– “I was so satisfied of my old amethyst 140W that I order your new stellar… your job is just perfection for our plants.” ~25/01/18~

– ” …. your instant customer support is second to none. many many thanks!” ~11-JAN-18~

– “The light arrived safely a couple of days ago, i noticed an almost immediate change in my small plant, it really likes the spectrum 🙂 I am also very impressed with the build quality. I will be sure to recommend your grow lights to others. Best regards” ~21-12-17~

– “I look forward to getting the new light, at the moment I possess an old alluminium amethyst I bought 5 or 6 years ago – its still working, it’s a wonder!” ~19-DEC-17~

– “I am indeed very please with the quality, my panels have 6 years old and they are working very well. I think i will stick to the amethyst series as i am comfortable with this kind of spectrum and efficiency is important.” ~09-NOV-17~

– “The new lights sound great! I just wanted to write back to you and let you know that the LED setup I bought from you has worked well these years without a hitch….” ~08-NOV-17~

– “Had a harvest recently and your 2 lights performed very well indeed against the various others I have in the same room. Compared to the super helios 6’s they maybe didn’t do quite as well, though very little in it but they are something like a quarter of the wattage, much cooler, quieter,and lighter, so easier to raise/lower and move around. They also cost a lot less. I found no difference between either of your lights with regard to veg or flower so both are really good.

Before the weather gets hot next year I will replace all the HID’s and some of the LED’s with an air-cooled light system but your LED’s will be part of what should be a really excellent set-up. If I buy any more LED’s they will be from you. Thanks” ~06~Nov~17

– “The panels are doing a top notch job, see attached pics. Black domina almost. 28 days into 12/12. And that’s just using one panel. Another 4 weeks maybe but they are certainly living up to there name. Regards” ~12-OCT-17~

– “Wow! Beautiful built quality, very quiet to run, I am very pleased – love it! Thanks Richard” ~11-OCT-17~

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