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FAQs 3

How to use our Led Grow Lights to Achieve Best Results

Q12 – Can I use any type of timer with my led grow lights?

Yes you can use any type of timer from a cheap mechanical to top of the range digital units. I recommend not using more than 560 watts of led lights per timer. If you have more than this, I recommend setting the timers so they come on at slightly different times. This is to avoid the possibility of the inrush current (see the FAQ “I have several of your 280/210 watt lights, can I daisy chain them all together?” for an explanation of inrush current.) blowing a fuse or circuit breaker. Having said that, I would recommend buying a decent timer as it will be more reliable and last longer.

Q13 – Why are the leds glowing slightly when the lights are turned off?

This is a weird one that took me a while to work out! If you have this problem you are using and extension cord or multi plug unit which has a power ‘on’ light or lighted switch. These seem to allow a tiny trickle of power through (possibly via ground leakage) which is enough to make the leds glow slightly. Change your extension cord for a plain one and the leds wont glow!

Q14 – Do you repair lights? Can I repair it?

Plant Photonics led grow lights are designed to last for life and to be easily repaired. I hate the ‘throw away’ culture and the waste it means. Fans and power supplies can be replaced by the owner in 5 minutes. The only thing you cant do (unless you are an expert in re-balling and repairing circuit boards and have some very expensive equipment) is replace a led. In that case the light will have to be returned for repair – BUT we have the ability to replace a single led without touching those around it. We do not junk the whole circuit board like other companies, this means a 20€ repair not a 200€ repair! Sorry, we do not repair other companies’ lights!

Q15 – Do your led grow lights work anywhere?

Yes they do, we use universal power supplies that can operate from all mains voltages (90-264 VAC) worldwide.

Q16 – Do I have to use a grounded socket/extension cord?

A grow area usually has a lot of water around, from hydro systems to you watering soil based plants. Water and electricity is not a safe mix, so always maximise your safety by using a grounded socket!

Q17 – Can I run my led grow light off solar panels or a generator?

As long as the electricity provided has a voltage suitable for your light (meaning solar panels must use an inverter to boost the 12V to 120 or 230 VAC) and the output is clean and stable enough to run for example a computer, you can run your lights from it.

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