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FAQs 2

How to use our Led Grow Lights to Achieve Best Results

Q7 – Do your led grow lights require any maintenance?

Yes, they need to be cleaned, ideally every grow cycle as grow areas tend to be quite dusty due to the ventilation system pulling lots of dust filled air through! Give the top of the light a gentle wipe with a soft cloth or paint brush, paying especial attention to the fan.

Dirt building up on the light has two effects:

  1. It stops the light from cooling itself as efficiently, making it run hotter.
  2. It builds up on the edges of the fan, unbalancing it and causing it to get noisier and eventually fail. Kept clean they will run for 10 to 15 years.
    Never use harsh chemicals or solvents on the light, using the wrong one can destroy the plastic lens in seconds!

Q8 – Do I still need ventilation?

Yes. Plants need air to grow and led lights DO still produce heat, just not nearly as much as conventional lights.

Q9– Have you tested the lights yourself?

I have EXTENSIVELY tested the lights. During the development stage I tested over 40 different designs and spectral mixes, running up to 7 different lights at the same time for comparison. All testing was performed using cloned plants to ensure all results could be accurately compared. I also loaned prototypes to various people to get their independent feedback. The current range of lights represents the result of all that testing!

Q10 – How high above the plants should the light be?

As they produce little heat the lights can be placed as low as you want over adult plants, but usually 20 – 40 cm is fine – just have it high enough to get even coverage over you plants.

One warning – these led grow lights are VERY powerful, if you are changing lights (i.e. the plants were started under another light). I recommend you put the light about 50 cm above the plants to start and lower it after a few days. This will let the plants get used to the brighter light. For cuttings, seedling and small plants I would recommend using the low power/Eco vegging mode and putting the light about 40 – 50 cm above the plants until they have developed a bit.
Every set-up and every variety of plant is different so experiment to find what works best for you (and your plants!).

Q11 – I have several of your 800 watt led grow lights, can I daisy chain them all together?

I would strongly advise you not to. The reason is that although the lights draw very little power when they are operating, when they are switched on they create what is called an ‘inrush current’. This is a short period (about 1/100) of a second where the power supplies draw a large amount of power as they charge their capacitors and stabilise. Daisy chaining too many units together puts a lot of stress on the wiring of the unit attached to the mains.

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