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How to use our Led Grow Lights to Achieve Best Results

Q1 – What size light should I get?

If you look at the description next to each light you will see the recommended coverage for each light. It has two areas stated – Perfect and larger one OK. The Perfect size is the area that will give optimum results and the OK size is a larger area that will still give good results. These sizes are based on the last generation of lights and are likely to be conservative applied to these new lights.

Each led grow light’s description also has a comparison to traditional MH/HPS lights. This value is approximate, but is based on feedback from expert growers. The feedback was for the old style lights and was unanimous that a 140 watt light was equal to or slightly more powerful than a 400 watt MH/HPS. Based on light readings from the new lights I calculate that a new 140 watt light will equal a 500 watt MH/HPS. As soon as I get feedback on the new lights I will update this figure as I believe it is easier for most growers who are familiar with the performance of MH/HPS lighting.

Q2- Do you really use genuine Osram Oslon SSL 80 leds? Are they packaged chips?

Yes I really do use genuine Osram Oslon SSL 80 leds. I buy them directly from Osram via their official industrial distributor. No, they are not packaged chips, they are regular, genuine Oslon leds.

Q3 – Is growing with leds the same as growing with normal lights?

Yes it is but with one small difference. Plants grown under leds use less nutrients or fertiliser. If you are using hydro do not just add the usual amount of nutrients, use a meter. Generally you will find you only need to add about ½ as much as with conventional lights. Same for growing in soil or other growth mediums. Also due to the generally lower grow room temperatures you will probably find you need to water the less frequently. A big advantage is that you get less nutrient build up in the plants (in fact virtually none) which results in the nicest tasting produce you have ever had!

Q4 – Is the yield as good as it is with conventional lights?

It should be as good or better, and the quality will be higher.

Q5 – What colour mix do you use for vegging and flowering?

I use 4 red leds to 1 blue led for vegging and 7 red to 1 blue for flowering. The reds are 50% standard 625 nm red leds and 50% 660 nm hyper (also called deep) red leds. The blue are 455 nm deep blue leds.

Q6 – What is the low power/eco vegging mode?

Due to several comments from customers that the vegging mode was a bit too powerful (probably the first time ever someone has complained about a led grow light being too powerful!) I have added a low power or eco vegging mode. This completely switches off 1 power supply and about 35% of the leds (the exact percentage varies slightly between models). The remaining leds provide a normal vegging light with about 65% of the output and power consumption of the full power vegging setting. The low power mode is selected using the black switch near the mains lead.

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