Making High Quality
Led Grow Lights since 2010

We have upgraded ALL out Stellar series lights to make them even MORE powerful for the same price!

Thanks to the release of a new, more efficient led bin, we have been able to boost the number of leds in each light by 20% to 30% and the total light output 25% to 35% depending on the model!

Top Energy Led Grow Lights


We Use Eco Friendly Packaging

Learn More About Plant Photonics Led Grow Lights

Plant Photonics led grow lights are the result of 10 years of research, development and customer’s feedback. They are different from any other grow light. Our uniquely designed lights produce significantly more light per watt than any other led light on the market, have the longest led life and best led reliability as well. Read on to find out why and also the other features that make our lights so good.

Environmentally Friendly

We have designed Plant Photonics led grow lights to be the most environmentally friendly grow lights in the world. Here is how:

  1. Highest output per watt on the market means you consume less electricity so produce less CO2
  2. New Energy series structural parts are made of plant sourced bio-polymer (oil free) which is recyclable, bio-degradable and compostable.
  3. Eco packaging made with 100% recycled paper.
  4. Packaging chips are made of corn starch NOT plastic.

Leds and Heat

Leds are very sensitive to heat, as their temperature increases their efficiency and therefore light output drops dramatically. At 25C they produce their full rated output, but at 85C which is the actual operating temperature found in most lights (source Cree and Osram) they only produce 55% of their rated output (please see graph below).

Plant Photonics led grow lights were designed especially to operate the leds at the lowest possible temperature, normally only about 10C above the grow room temperature and therefore the leds produce 90% – 95% of their rated output, a massive 73% more light than the same leds would produce in a conventionally designed light!

At the same time the reliability and life span of the leds is greatly increased. Heat is the cause of 99% of all led failures and 100% of the reduction of brightness over time.

How We Do It

Our led grow lights have 2 unique design features which allow them to keep the leds so cool:

  1. A “case-less design” which allows heat to “escape” instead of being trapped in the case. Normally a hot object (in grow lights its the power supplies and the heat sinks for the leds) gets rid of 80% – 90% of its heat as infra red radiation (radiative cooling) and only 10% – 20% of the heat to the air (convective cooling). Putting everything in a case traps the heat, resulting in high temperatures and requiring powerful and noisy fans. Our open design allows for sufficient natural cooling to keep the leds well within their rated temperature range, then we add fans to make then even cooler.
  2. A very large area led array. Our circuit boards are far larger than those used by other companies. Instead of crowding the leds together (which concentrates the heat), we spread them out over a huge circuit board. This minimises heat buildup and allows the circuit board itself to act as a high capacity heat sink. We also use the best available quality metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCB´s) which quickly remove heat from the delicate leds, see below for more information

Light Features

Dual Spectrum: Vegging & Flowering Modes

Our led grow lights feature 2 different spectrum’s for optimum plant development. Vegging mode provides a spectrum rich in blue light for the plants growth phase. Flowering mode provides a redder spectrum for optimal flowering and fruiting. Our original circuit design ensures full power output in both modes.

Zero Down Time

No matter how well a led light is made, there is a chance something will eventually fail. Imagine the problems if your light dies half way through a grow! With a Plant Photonics led grow light you have nothing to worry about. Our lights are designed to keep working at a reduced power level in the event of a fan or power supply failure and just as importantly they are designed to be repairable by the owner, not just by us. Replacing a fan or power supply can be done by the owner in about 2 minutes with no special tools or knowledge. This is an important feature which is unique to our top rated led grow lights.

Light Components

The Leds

For the best grow room results you need the best leds. Plant Photonics only uses top quality leds which are up to 65% efficient (leds in many grow lights are only about 25% efficient). This means you get the maximum possible amount of light while using the least possible electricity. It also means that our lights are very cool running as very little of the electricity used by the light is converted into heat.

The Circuit Boards

We use the highest grade metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCB´s) in the industry with a thermal conductivity of 2.2 W/K, which is the highest conductivity available. They are 2mm thick and feature an extra thick copper layer. Copper heat spreaders built into the circuit board draw heat away from the leds and transfer it to the circuit board. To finish off, the electrical contacts are gold plated for the ultimate in reliability.

Power Supplies

We use high quality, constant current, waterproof power supplies which are manufactured especially for us. They have upgraded 120C Japanese capacitors for superb reliability and can survive any power surge including lightening strikes due to their Panasonic surge protection system. Unlike most waterproof power supplies they are filled with a special thermally conductive silicone instead of resin. This keeps the components much cooler and increases efficiency and reliability. They can operate from 90 – 264 volts for worldwide operation.


We use ultra quiet and reliable Artic cooling fans and run them at reduced speed for even quieter operation and longer life. The result is an incredibly quiet 17 db, which is so quiet they are completely inaudible even a few inches away. Life span is approximately 10+ years.